Getting acquainted with Entrustable Professional Activities

Olle ten Cate, PhD

Health professions education in many parts of the world, and in several professions in the health care domain, have embraced competency-based education. Elaborate frameworks of competencies describe what qualities we think doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and veterinarians should possess when they graduate. The ideal competency-profile of a professional should enable him or her to cope with the daily tasks that must be done. But tasks and competencies are two different things. They do not always match.

Entrustable professional activities are the tasks in health care we would like trainees to be entrusted with as soon as they demonstrate the necessary competence. EPAs usually require several integrated competencies simultaneously. This preconference workshop focuses on this new concept. At the end of the workshop, participants should be familiar with EPAs and understand how they can be used to build education and support workplace-based assessment.

July 4th: Preconference workshop by Prof. Olle ten Cate about Entrustable Professional Activities