Program Preconference Workshops    
Workshop  Max. Participants Time
Developing a Successful Educational Research Project (Kent Hecker) 25 Full day (11.00-16.00) 
(Re)design your education with blended learning (Marijke Hoogendoorn and Paul Heijnen) 15 Full day (11.00-16.00) 
Promoting student well-being (Nicole Mastenbroek and Niels Bakkeren) 25 Half day (11:00-13:00)
Programmatic Assessment in Competency-based Veterinary Education: The usability and feasibility of ePortfolios (Herman Jonker, Lubberta de Jong and Harold Bok) 25 Half day (11.00-13.00) 
How to improve your focus in daily life: Experience the practical and theoretical aspects of Zen meditation (Peter van Beukelen) 20 Half day (14.00-16.00) 

Location: Zen medication centre, Amsterdamsestraatweg 66, Utrecht

Getting acquainted with Entrustable Professional Activities (Olle ten Cate) 25 Half day (14.00-16.00) 

Attendees will be emailed after registration to choose their preferred PCW.


Program Preconference workshops – Wednesday 4th July, 2018