Poster presentation

During the Vet Ed symposium we will not display printed posters, instead we will only display e-posters!
Apart from your presentation during the program, a 3 minutes talk and 2 minutes discussion time, your e-poster will be on display in one of the designated rooms. In these rooms you can meet colleagues for further discussion and you will be able to show your poster digitally.

For this reason, we would like to give you the following instructions:

– Make it landscape, preferable in widescreen (ratio 16:9).
– Save the document as PDF, this way you will be able to show it from Acrobat Reader.
– Make sure the quality of your poster and pictures is good for display.

We would like to receive the PDF of your poster before the 18th of June.

Short communication

You’ll have 10 minutes to present your work and immediately afterwards there will be 5 minutes of discussion time.
Please note that we work with Windows 7 and Powerpoint 2010. We strongly advise you to bring your presentation on a USB stick and NOT use your own laptop.

Before every session (during coffee/tea breaks) there will be an opportunity to upload your presentation. After each session all ppt-files will be removed from the computers.



Please feel free to contact the organizing committee when having any other questions about the different presentations types: